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Supremacy 1914 Alliance

    The Fun Game

    The Hawk
    The Hawk

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    The Fun Game Empty The Fun Game

    Post  The Hawk Thu Jan 20, 2011 5:41 pm

    This game aim to gather our members as much daily as possible to discuss our games, arranging new ones, and get help whenever needed.

    Game Info:
    Name ID PW
    -------- ------- -------
    Fun Game 104320 unnamed

    -No War on another player
    -Everybody start with a shared map
    -We'll share the AI nations according to the needs
    -Challenges will include DE statistics after the 1st week
    -Each nation will be obliged to sell (10%) it's best resources production in the markets each day for 1 coin only

    The rules are relatively open for discussion
    Every member is invited as well as those who wish to join the Unnamed

    Joined Members:
    -The Hawk

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    The Fun Game Empty Re: The Fun Game

    Post  sithere Sat Jan 22, 2011 3:38 pm

    Does this mean only for the first days for your last rule?
    The Hawk
    The Hawk

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    The Fun Game Empty Re: The Fun Game

    Post  The Hawk Mon Jan 24, 2011 10:14 am

    As u can see Sithere the game has a value to teach us organizing our military and economical actions, to act as one big nation with resources distribute as equal as possible between us..
    If u remember that was suggested in our first game with SPECTRE but didn't come to an action, but it's actually a good idea, simply because sending offers to all members of the alliance each day takes so much time, if u send ur requests to the market with some contribution, plus declaring ur needs in the DE or the forum so every member would know to emphasize on the actual needs..
    Lets say u have -50 per hour in oil, so u'll need 1400 ton oil per day at least
    Meanwhile you have +250 food production, so u produce 6000 ton per day, so u have to sell 600 tons in the market at least
    This can be adjusted later by the declared needs and available resources.

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    The Fun Game Empty Re: The Fun Game

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